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Dress Code

School Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy



Selection:                                 In September, 2010, the School Site Council proposed implementing a 

school uniform policy.  A survey was sent out in April 2011 and the

overwhelming majority of parents (483: 97) voiced their approval. 


Types and Colors of Uniforms:  Navy Blue Bottom (pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers)

                                                  White top (blouse, polo shirt, Hooper t-shirt)


Jackets/outer garments:          No specified jacket.  Hooper logo jackets are encouraged.


Appropriate Consequences for failure to comply:

                                                            First offense will be an oral warning.

                                                            Second offense will be in writing.

                                                            Third offense parents will be asked to sign the opt out form.


Procedures to provide uniforms:        The Hooper Avenue School Parent Center will solicit donations

            in order to provide economically disadvantaged students with a uniform.


Recycling:                                         The uniform program will be part of a “recycling” project, which

                                                         will invite students to donate their uniforms when they outgrow them. 

                                                         The school uniforms will be housed in the Parent Center.  Parents will

                                                         use plastic bins to store the uniforms. 


Opting out:                                        Parents will have the ability to opt out of the uniform policy yearly. 

                                                         Parents will be notified in the September newsletter and at Back to

                                                         School Night. 


Provision for immediate enrollment:    Parents will be given information on uniforms at the time of enrollment.

                                                          Students will attend school immediately, with a 30 day window in which

          to comply.


Notification:                                      Parents, guardians and students were notified three months

                                                        prior to the initial implementation in the June 2011 newsletter.

                                                        Further details will be sent in late June and again with their room

                                                        assignments for the new school year. 


Approval:                                          The School Site Council approved the school uniform policy on

        June 14, 2011.                                                                                   

        The Local District Operations Coordinator approved the school uniform

        policy on  June 20, 2011.