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Christina Leon

1225 E. 52nd St, RM64

Los Angeles, CA 90011

Direct Line:323-232-5327

Fax: 323-235-0847

No Name-Calling Week Posters
No Name-Calling Week Posters

Healthy Start

Hooper Ave Healthy Start

Hooper Ave Healthy Start is a state funded program that first began in 1999.  The program is located on the Hooper Ave Elementary School campus in Room 64.  Healthy Start’s mission is to improve academic achievement of all students by reducing or removing the social, emotional and physical barriers students have to learning.  The program provides learning support for children and families in order to increase academic achievement.  Many of the students at Hooper Ave have family, housing, medical, dental, and economic concerns that greatly impact their ability to achieve academic success.  Healthy Start connects these students and their families with an array of community resources.  The program collaborates and coordinates services with local community agencies, businesses and civic groups to meet the needs of Hooper Ave students and their families. 


Low Cost/No Cost Health Insurance Assistance for students (Medi-Cal, Kaiser, etc...)

Immediate Needs (Food, Clothes, Housing, etc...)

LAUSD Homeless Education Program

Mental Health Services

Parent Workshops

Advocacy-Legal; Domestic Violence; Victims of Violence; Housing; Foster Care; Education

School Wide Programs

Violence Prevention Programs:

Red Ribbon Week

Anti-Bullying Week

No Name-Calling Week

Positive Behavior Support Team