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Ready, Set, Gold!

David Brinton

David Brinton
U.S. Olympic Cycling Team


Ready, Set, Gold!, a program of the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG) and a legacy of the 2016 Olympic bid, is the only program of its kind in the country. It was created by the SCCOG to provide a lasting program for the community and to inspire a whole new generation of Olympic athletes.

RSG! tackles the epidemic problems of childhood obesity and chronic diseases by pairing Olympians and Paralympians with Los Angeles area public schools to help promote student fitness, nutrition and healthy living habits. Each Olympian is matched to a specific school and meets with the PE classes five times during the school year to inspire, educate and motivate the students toward a long and healthy life through fun physical activity and good nutrition.

During the school visits, Olympians exercise with the students and share their stories of how they became Olympians and the importance good fitness and nutrition played in their success.

Ready, Set, Gold! is primarily funded by worldwide Olympic sponsor Samsung Electronics North America and currently operates in 50 different elementary, middle and high schools throughout the District, positively affecting approximately 25,000 students each year. Results show that students participating in RSG! perform at a higher level on their California-mandated fitness test (aka Fitnessgram) than students from schools without an RSG! program.

There are 41 Olympians participating in the program this year, including 18 medalists. RSG! is chaired by U.S. Olympic gold medalist Peter Vidmar (1984, gymnastics).


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