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Testing Calendar 2016-2017

TESTS                              DATES                                                 GRADES

Annual CELDT                       August 16–October 21                                                 1-5
Initial CELDT                         August 16–June 2                                                         1-5
CA Physical Fitness Test        February 1–March 17                                                   5
CAA                                        March 8 - June 9                                                          3-5
Smarter Balanced                    March 8- June 9                                                           3-5
ELPAC Field Test                   TBD                                                                             1-5
OLSAT-8                                 TBD                                                                            2
CST   (Science)                      April 5–May 18                                                            5
CMA  (Science)                      April 5–May 18                                                            5
CAPA (Science)                     April 5 - May 19                                                           5  
STS (RLA)                             April 5 - May 18                                                           2-5

Comprehensive Asssessment Program 2016-2017

TESTS                              DATES                                       GRADES

DIBELS BOY/TRC                        August 8- September 14                                 1st - 5th


Math Interim Assessment                                                                                       1st -2nd

Literacy Interim Assessment                                                                                  1st -2nd


SBA Interim Assessment               August 16 - January 8                                     3rd- 5th


DIBELS MOY/TRC                      December 28 - February 3                              1st - 5th


SBA Interim Assessment              January 9 - March 8                                         3rd- 5th


DIBELS EOY/TRC                       May 1- June 9                                                  1st - 5th







Go, go, go to school.
Always do your best!
Study, study, study hard;
so you can ACE the test.
Eat, sleep before the test.
Always get your rest!
Never waste your time away,
and then you’ll have success!
The test is coming soon,
But we still have some time.
So, really study every day,
And you’ll do MORE than fine!


Tips for Success
♦ Please get enough sleep each
♦ Please make sure you arrive at
school on time (7:40am)
♦ Come to school every day!
♦ Review key instructional
skills every day.
♦ Remain calm—because you
are prepared.
♦ Take your time and answer
every question.
♦ Double check your work.
♦ Do your very BEST!