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Student and Teacher Reactions to Arts' Instruction

"At Inner-City Arts we learn about different colors.  They show us how to do art and many other things.  I think that Inner-City Arts is a place that you learn about different kinds of things.  They show you different shapes. Inner-City Arts is fun.  It was fun learning about art. "  - Karina J.


"Music is my soul."- Andres R. 


"My favorite thing about music was when you taught us new music vocabulary."- Mia M.
"I like to learn the recorder and to show it to our parents in a concert.  I also like to learn the beats."- Eddie D.
"(Music) really enhanced the learning experience by teaching to the kinesthetic and visual modalities so that all children could learn regardless of their preferred learning style.  The students really learned quickly and (the instructor's) voice had a wonderful melodic tone, which was very soothing.  (The instructor's)  voice was simultaneously calming and energizing.  Learning an instrument was such a bonus and I know this year was just a beginning for our students.  I also especially liked that all students were included for the WHOLE year.  Yeah!"  Ms. M. Stewart  
"Worked well for my students this year. Was able to relate notes to equal parts: fractions"- Mr. Haynes     
"I truly think the students benefited from it. They not only had fun, but learned a lot about music and how to make it. They also learned about beat, rhythm, notes, etc. I truly believe it helps them in all dimensions (socially, academically, emotionally and psychologically). Loved it!"- Ms. Rodriguez                                                                                                                                               


"(Music) was great. Kids were engaged, learned a lot. She had rapport with them. She cares a lot. Worked with me as a teacher. Music concepts translated to other areas of curriculum." -Josh Almos
"My students looked forward to going with Ms. Cai every week. They enjoyed singing, dancing and being themselves. It's a great program, Ms. Cai was great! The music class improved their listening and speaking skills as well as social and emotional well being."- Ms. Medrano 

Visual and Performing Arts

Arts Education (2019-2020)


LAUSD Arts Programs at Hooper:

Orchestra - Thursday - Mr. Howells

Visual Arts - Thursday (first semester) - Ms. Bentley

Theatre - Thursday (second semester) - TBD

Music - TBD (second semester) - Ms. Thorngreen


ETM Arts Programs at Hooper:

ETM Music - (1st - 2nd Grade) - TBD

ETM Music- (3rd-5th Grade) - TBD

ETM Orchestra and Band - TBD


Education through Music-Los Angeles

Education Through Music-Los Angeles partners with inner-city schools with the mission to provide and promote music in disadvantaged schools as part of the core curriculum for every child to enhance students' academic achievement and creative and overall development.

In-School Music Education Programs Our primary activity is forming long-term partnerships with Los Angeles County schools to help districts and school principals establish and sustain school-wide music education programs steeped in Common Core Standards that serve every student. ETM-LA is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a licensed affiliate implementing the ETM model in Los Angeles County.


We form long-term partnerships with inner-city elementary and middle schools that lack the resources for school-wide music programs. Music is taught both as a subject in its own right and as a means of supporting learning in other areas. We collaborate with principals and districts to develop partnerships that employ the following components to reinforce music's role as a core subject:

  • Music instruction for every child that is weekly, yearlong, and follows a skills-based, comprehensive and sequential curriculum.
  • Integration to support learning in a range of academic areas with a focus in Common Core Strategies.
  • Professional development to improve instruction and understanding of arts education in the school community.
  • Enrichment opportunities, such as concerts, private lessons and summer camp scholarships.
  • Evaluation and assessment.
  • Parent and community involvement.
  • Long-term planning for sustaining instruction.

ETM-LA hires music teachers and teaching artists to serve as music faculty where needed, so that each partner school can provide weekly music instruction to every student, both general and special education, regardless of talent or ability. Current disciplines we provide include violin, cello, guitar, chorus, general music, and recorder.

We work with a variety of collaborating organizations to provide enrichment opportunities to students.  We provide ongoing training and mentoring to the music teachers and any district music teachers in place at our schools; professional development to academic teachers; and one-on-one and group leadership and strategic planning guidance to principals. We speak at parent meetings. We assess programs through ongoing communication, skills assessments, observation rubrics, surveys and other analysis.

Inner-City Arts

Inner-City Arts, widely regarded as one of the nation's most effective arts education providers, is an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity in the heart of Skid Row, and a vital partner in the work of creating a safer, healthier Los Angeles.

Providing access to the arts and the endless possibilities they offer, Inner-City Arts is an investment in the youth of Los Angeles. Creating a bridge between the studio and the classroom, Inner-City Arts' unique approach to arts education measurably improves academic and personal outcomes for children and youth, including those students with Limited English Proficiency who are at risk of academic failure.

Inner-City Arts' beautiful, award-winning campus—a safe and tranquil environment designed to fuel the dreams of children, especially those living in poverty who may believe dreams are for other children—is a source of inspiration to all who visit. During the school day, after school and on weekends, elementary, middle and high school students come to Inner-City Arts to work with professional teaching artists in well-equipped studios, receiving hands-on instruction in a range of subject areas within the visual, performing and media arts.

Equally essential to Inner-City Arts' mission, the Inner-City Arts - Annenberg Professional Development Program provides experiential training for educators, graduate students and others dedicated to bringing high-quality arts education to students of all ages and backgrounds. Programs for parents and families strengthen families and communities, supporting student achievement both inside and outside the classroom.

Dancing Classrooms

Transforming lives one step at a time.

Dancing Classrooms Los Angeles' mission is to promote positive youth development, strengthen and engage schools, and bring diverse communities together through the practice of social dance.

Through a ten-week and twenty-session standards-based, in-school residency, Dancing Classrooms uses social dance as a vehicle to change the lives of all who participate in the program.  A curriculum-based teaching approach utilizes the vocabulary of dance to break down social barriers, eliminate bias, teach students to honor and respect each other, and promote self-confidence, communication, and cooperation.  Students are taught the vocabulary of various ballroom dances in a classroom setting.  Each class in the series introduces new steps, reinforcing what has been previously learned through practice and repetition.

Our teaching philosophy is one of inside out versus outside in.  Dancing Classrooms is not just about teaching dance, it is about teaching pride, confidence and respect.  We take the dance that is inherent in young people and help them to bring it out, enabling them to increase their self-esteem as they learn.

We believe that the maturity necessary to dance together fosters respect, teamwork, confidence and a sense of joy and accomplishment.


Our 5th grade students will be participating in this program in the 2016-2017 school year. 

Programs Locker
6/21/18 11:44 AM
9/6/19 11:30 AM
5/5/22 5:33 PM

California Association of Educational Office Professionals’

Annual Poster Contest

Theme: "What I like best about my school..."


Who may enter: Any student currently enrolled in grades K‑6 in a California elementary school.


Deadline: December 04, 2015


Specifications: Posters should be on size 9"x 12" white construction paper ONLY.


Color & Media: Any choice of color and media are permitted; however, wood, metal or plastic objects should not be attached to the poster. Poster designs must NOT use any copyrighted characters, photographs or illustrations as part of the design.


Lettering: Lettering must be original work. No stenciled or manufactured stick‑on or press‑on letters are permitted.


Design: Posters must be the original work (idea, design and execution) of the student entering the contest. Posters MUST illustrate the contest theme.


Judging: Posters selected for final judging will be reviewed by the CAEOP Board of Judges, a panel comprised of qualified individuals in the fields of education and art.


Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded to 3 winners in each of the following grade divisions:

 K‑2nd grade, 3rd‑4th grade, and 5th‑6th grade.

1st place: $75     2nd place: $50      3rd place: $25


Congratulations to Christopher Garcia, 5th grader in Ms. Tillman's class, who won third prize in the 5-6 Category. 

Hooper Spring Concert 2016